One of the most common types of stalking is Cyber stalking. the biggest problem with cyber stalkers is that they can stalk for a long time before the victim realizes they are being stalked.  The stalking can start as simply having a person look at their social networking pages and finding things out about them like where they are from, where they live, where they work, and what school they go to.  It could be a long time until the victim actually has their first encounter with their stalker. There are many ways of classifying stalkers.  Some ways classify them based on the reason they stalk someone and how they do it, others are broader and focus on the outcome of the stalking and the length of time they stalk.

There are four main broad classifications

  1. The Aggravated Stalker
  2. The Pattern Stalker
  3. The Family Stalker
  4. The Internet Stalker
The Aggravated Stalker is usually someone that is enraged and stalks out of anger.  It could be the result of a past relationship or some other kind of issue between the victim and the offender. This type of stalking is the most likely to end in violence. (Abuse, rape, and in some cases death).

The Pattern Stalker is just someone who casually stalks and stalks the same person repeatedly in the course of a month

The Family stalker is when the offender is either a member of the victim's family, someone the victim has had a past relationship with, or lived with.

The Cyber Stalker is someone who stalks over the internet.  Cyberstalking is quickly becoming one of the most common ways  people are stalked. This may be because people make them selves so easily assessable via social networking sites.

More specific classifications are:

  1. The Rejected Suitor
  2. The Intimacy Seeker
  3. The Incompetent Suitor
  4. The Resentful Stalker
  5. The Predatory Stalker
The Rejected Suitor is when someone stalks their ex lover because in their mind they think that it is the only relationship they will ever have and believe that there is no other possibility except for that one relationship. In some cases these types of stalkers have some type of psychological disorder

The Intimacy Seeker is similar to the rejected suitor except that this stalker is trying to create a relationship with what he or she believes is their one and only and the rejected suitor is a person that is trying to get back an old recent relationship.

The Incompetent Suitor is usually a man that has been turned down by a woman that they would like to develop a relationship with.  After being turned down the stalker begins to repeatedly bother her and hope that his actions with let the women see that he is willing to work for the relationship and she will change her mind.

The Resentful Stalker is a stalker that feels like he or she was mistreated by the person they were with or had an obsession for.  They usually are the type to like to be in control and have all the power over their victim.  They will also deny that they are doing anything wrong and put the blame on their victim.

The Predatory Stalker is a stalker that usually chooses victims at random with intent to commit a sexual crime with their victim.